Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Social media participation

I ran a quick survey last week on how we participate in social media. Most folks are spending more time on social media but a third are spending less. I was actually expecting the opposite. 


Of course, the sample was skewed by sending my inquiry out through Twitter. As you can see here, folks in my survey were frequent users of Twitter. Google Plus is making some in-roads but is still low compared to Facebook and Twitter.


I was pleased to see that people still read blogs despite the pundits who say that blogs are dead. (Have you read my latest blog post on market intelligence at www.primary-intel.com/blog?) I was surprised to see how few monitor blogs via RSS (only 33%) -- how do you check blogs without a blog reader? Manually? That's so 1999. 

Further, 90% of folks use LinkedIn exclusively for business. The old rule seems to be the same; most people use Facebook for family and friends, and LinkedIn for business. I really wonder how effective Facebook pages are for businesses.

How has your participation in social media changed in the last year. Post a note in the comments.

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