Thursday, May 3, 2012

Answering your calling | On Product Management


It talks about the differences among the three –  job, career and calling. Job is something you do for a fixed period of time in a day and charge for it – e.g. waiting at a table in a restaurant.   Most jobs are in-between things you do before you figure out what you REALLY want to do next.

Career is working from one job to another job, up the ladder (if you are lucky), mostly in the same company and/or industry. Some mistake a job for a career at places where the outcome even after many years turns out to be just a job, despite a lot of energy and time spent there with no real path to what was promised initially.

Calling is when you know your purpose is beyond sucking up to your boss or doing the same thing over and over with no good result. Calling is about building something, creating meaning for yourself and others. Calling has very little to do with money, position or power. It is about making real change in whatever you are after. It’s about delighting yourself and others around you.


Do you have a job? or a calling? Really interesting way to think of it.

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